PSNI praise vigilant Glen Court residents

December 7, 2010

By Paul Malone

Police in Newry have praised the actions of local community members after their actions may have thwarted several burglaries in the city. The praise comes in the wake of a Glen Court resident reporting suspicious activity in the area on Tuesday 30th November. It is believed the occupants of a silver Toyota car with a Republic of Ireland number plate were spotted trying doors and entering the rear gardens of a number of properties at around 1.40pm. When challenged by a resident, the group made off in the Toyota. One homeowner however, who challenged a male in his back garden, told the responding police officers that the intruder had been wearing surgical gloves.

After police had left the area, the silver Toyota car returned several times, each time parking up for a few minutes before driving off. On one occasion the car parked in the driveway of a house before driving off. This time they were followed by residents who alerted police. Officers were subsequently able to stop the car a short distance away. A search of the vehicle and its three female occupants uncovered a number of items including surgical gloves.

All three were arrested and later charged with two counts each of attempted burglary and going equipped. The driver of the car was also charged with a driving offence, and another was also charged with obstruction. Commenting on the outstanding work by the residents, Neighbourhood Inspector David Hutchinson said, “This successful outcome was only possible due to vigilance and persistence of the residents of Glen Court. They have expressed a strong interest in forming a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and their commitment and determination to keep their area safe is an inspiration and perfectly demonstrates what can be achieved when police and communities come together.”

The Neighbourhood Inspector added, “The aim of Neighbourhood Watch is simple. To help people protect themselves and their property. It’s not about spying on your neighbours or being ‘nosy’, it’s about making your area safer and improving your living environment by being aware of anything or anyone suspicious or out of the ordinary. Neighbourhood Watch gives law abiding people a greater voice and an important outlet for their views on events that are affecting life in their street. And it gives them a say in how best to resolve these issues through their Neighbourhood Watch coordinator who will meet regularly with police.”

Inspector Hutchinson continued, “This two way communication helps us, as your local Neighbourhood police, to quickly identify emerging crime trends, to offer the appropriate crime prevention advice and to adjust our patrolling patterns to deter and detect offenders. We all want to live in an area that is safe and crime free, but this won’t simply happen on its own. Take a leaf out of the Glen Court residents’ book and get in touch with us to be part of the crime fighting community.”

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team can be contacted at Ardmore police station on 0845 600 8000.