Crossmaglen SEC must become a reality: Hearty

December 14, 2010

Sinn Féin Councillor Terry Hearty has said that the Revised Business Case for the new Social Education Centre (SEC) in Crossmaglen submitted to the Department of Health must be a top priority for the Department and the Southern Trust.

Councillor Hearty, who is Chairperson of the Day Care Liaison Committee in Crossmaglen, said

“Five years ago we had the Business Case approved and the Southern Trust could not locate a site within the Crossmaglen area due to the high value of land at the time.  Following a public meeting in the Rangers Hall, the Day Care Liaison Group was set up. The Southern Trust agreed to meet with us three or four times a year to advance the case for a new build,” Mr Hearty explained.

The Councillor insists that now is an opportune time for the Trust to purchase land for the new build

“Two years ago the Day Care Liaison Group met with the Trust and produced a possible site at a very reasonable cost. We were then told that the Business Case was out of date.   The Trust now inform us that there is an alternative site within the Crossmaglen area.  There is no excuse now for the Department of Health or the Southern Trust to delay this project any further.  The Department must approve this Revised Business Case, get the money on line and purchase one of the two sites available to them now,” he said.

Councillor Hearty outlined the urgent need for the project to receive all the necessary support immediately.

“If this opportunity is missed they will be submitting this Business Case again in five year’s time.  The Day Care Liaison Committee worked extremely hard along with the Trust  to ensure that improvements were made to maintain the building at Rathkeeland House and that a proper programme of events was put in place for the people attending Day Care.  The Day Care Committee will do all it can to work with the Trust to move this forward,” he added.