Theft of jeep compounds widow’s distress

April 5, 2011

By Brónagh Murphy

A local widow has issued an emotional appeal to heartless thieves who stole her deceased husband’s jeep, pleading for its return.

The vehicle – a silver-coloured Isuzu Rodeo – was parked close to Garvey’s Bar, Silverbridge, on the main Newtownhamilton to Dundalk Road, when it was stolen early on Monday morning last.  It’s believed the thieves used a low-loader lorry to remove it.  Despite extensive searching, the family has been unable to locate the jeep since.

Speaking to The Examiner, Mary Crilly explained the jeep belonged to her late husband, Michael, who died suddenly last year.  The theft has deeply affected the family as his first anniversary approaches.

Since Michael’s death, the jeep had been driven by his son who used the same parking place daily before travelling on to his work in Dublin.  It was from here that it was stolen before 8.00am on Monday, less than an hour after it was parked there. Witnesses claim to have seen the vehicle being loaded onto a recovery lorry.

The jeep is just four years old and estimated to be worth around £11,000, however Mary says it is not its monetary value that concerns them.

“The jeep is of great sentimental value to us.  Every time we see it, we think of Michael,” she said.

“We’d give anything to get it back.  I don’t care what state it is in, even if it’s in bits.  We are just appealing to the heartless ones who took it to please leave it back.  They can leave it anywhere and we’ll collect it,” she added.

A reward has been offered for the return of the vehicle.

The theft has been reported to police who are investigating and have appealed for information.