Trad for Trocaire a Great Success

October 25, 2011

By Christine Keighery

Shona Daly, an avid traditional musician from Crossmaglen held a very successful Trad for Trocaire event in the Red Fellas bar in Glasdrummond.  The traditional music night on Sunday 25th September was packed to the rafters and proved a great night’s craic for all involved!

On her own initiative, the 16 year old St. Joseph’s High School pupil decided to use her love of traditional music for a charitable cause after attending a Trad for Trocaire session in Cork on holiday last summer.  Together with friends and family, Shona located the venue, created promotional posters and sponsor cards, organised a bake sale at school to raise funds, and, generally got the local community interested in the event.

Shona, who is a prize winning Traditional Musician, used her contacts in the traditional scene to gather up 18 musicians for the night, all led by popular local musician, Pearse McMahon.  Many of the musicians were sponsored to play, while donations were also accepted on the night. The crowd were treated to 3 hours of traditional Irish music played on a variety of instruments, including accordians, mandolins, bazukas and tin whistles.

The session was a great success and raised over £500 for Trocaire.  Shona would like to thank everyone who contributed to preparations for the evening and her school for holding the bake sale.  She extends a special thanks to Pearse McMahon for his expertise in leading the session.  Thanks are also due to the Red Fellas bar for holding the event and to all who donated and sponsored musicians.