Mullaghbawn pupils cause internet sensation with ‘LipDub’ video

May 29, 2012

School days are the best days of your life! That’s the clear message broadcast in an energetic ‘LipDub’ permeated by the infectious happiness of the pupils in St. Mary’s P.S. Mullaghbawn.

Created for the European Comenious project, which promotes education for mutual understanding, and compares schooling in Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland and the Basque country, this exuberant vide, broadcast on YouTube, has captured the hearts and minds of viewers on local and international levels. Overnight this rural primary school, nestled at the foothills of Slieve Gullion, has been catapulted into the global stratosphere via the worldwide-web and has become a Youtube sensation.

Introduced by Matxalen, the Spanish language teacher from Bilbao, it follows her journey of welcome through the corridors and pathways of the school, where every child flanked by teachers, assistants, secretaries, cooks and cleaners, line out to give her a ‘cead mile failte’ that she’ll never forget.

Primary 7 pupils play host to a series of coordinated displays, designed by pupils intent on impressing their visitor with a myraid of talents including the choir, football team, gymnasts, golers, actors, martial arts combatants, musicians, camogs, cyclists and gardeners.

Set to the motivational chart hit ‘Absolutely Everybody’ by Vanessa Amorossi, principal Peter McDonnell maintains that in the spirits of the song every member of staff immediately took charge of promoting the school motto ‘Never Settle for Less Than Your Best’, making the whole enterprise a huge success. Pupils were explained the concept just the day before filming and within 24 hours every child was ready to show how much their school really meant to them.

Parents also rose to the occasion ferrying costumes, instruments, equipment and goodwill to the front door.  Word spread throughout the community and home computers were left on standby anticipating the uploaded finished performance on the school’s blog. Consequently within a week viewing hits totalled over 1500 and the LipDub went viral.

The staff congratulated the children with a celebratory cake, teddy bear picnic lunch and a party atmosphere as the whole school enjoys a reward for their great achievement.

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