GAA announces proposed system of manager payment

August 21, 2012

Central Council  outlined the proposed system that will be implemented for paying inter- county management teams.

The statement from Croke Park reads:

We have been given a mandate by our counties to continue payment to team managers by the established means of vouched expenses and standard mileage – and by this method only. In order to ensure fair play it is important to ensure that the wishes of the counties are observed, and that the same rules which apply to every county are, in fact observed by every county.

Subject to the governing proviso that vouched expenses are the only permitted payment, each county is free to enter into its own arrangements with county management teams. In order to best serve each county we are proposing that each county record and disclose these arrangements, and that the officers of the county attest in writing to their belief that any payments being made to management teams are within our rules.


It is proposed to establish a register of team managers, selectors, mentors and advisors of whatever discipline for each county. This register will include details about the individual, the role they are fulfilling within the team management structure and the remuneration or reimbursement arrangements that have been agreed.

The register will also include an estimate of the number of training sessions envisaged for each panel. The register can then be used as an approximation, at the start of the year, of projected expenditure on management of county teams in each county.

Each county will be asked to prepare and return its register to Croke Park in conjunction with the Managers’ Charter. The registers will be compiled and assessed to ensure compliance with rule. Counties who have questions or doubts about particular arrangements for their teams can disclose these arrangements and seek advice on how best to regularise matters without sanction.

The registers will be retained and spot checks conducted during the year to ensure adherence to stated practice within a number of counties.

Counties will not be eligible to receive funding until they return a management register. Counties who are found to be in breach of their own register will be liable to sanction under Rule 1.10 (Appendix 1)


1. A template will be circulated to each county for completion with or on behalf of management teams for the forthcoming year

2. The template will include such details as

• Name of team management member

• Role within management structure

• Address

• Payment regime to apply – e.g. mileage rate, fee per consultation etc

• Details of any other terms agreed

• Vat Number where appropriate

• Details of any other payment being made to each individual from any other entity in respect of his or her role with the county team

• Number of training sessions projected per week/month

3. A register should be completed for senior, u21 and minor panels in both codes

4. The register should be signed by the county Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Central Council delegate

5. The register should be returned to Croke Park by December 31st each year

6. If team or a member of management changes during the year an updated register should be completed and returned

7. A county may, in advance of submitting their register, disclose any arrangement which they feel may be problematic and seek advice

8. Any county who returns details of an arrangement contrary to rule will be asked to vary their arrangements or face sanctions under Rule 1.10

9. External auditors will be engaged to conduct inspections throughout the year to ensure counties are complying with their own register

10. Counties/units who are found to be in breach of amateur status will face sanctions under Rule 1.10

Next Steps

If this process is approved by Coiste Bainistí / Central Council it is planned to circulate templates in September for completion and return by December 31st

Appendix 1

Rule 1.10 Amateur Status

The Association is an Amateur Association. A player, team, official or member shall not accept payment in cash or kind in conjunction with the playing of Gaelic Games. A player, team, official or member shall not contract himself/itself to any agent other than those officially approved by Central Council. Expenses paid to all officials, players, and members shall not exceed the standard rates laid down by the Central Council. Members of the Association may not participate in full-time training. This Rule shall not prohibit the payment of salaries or wages to employees of the Association.

Penalty: Twenty four weeks Suspension or Expulsion.