Motorists fury at Monaghan Street road works

September 4, 2012

By Christine Keighery

Angry motorists have contacted The Examiner to vent their fury at what one described as the “mismanagement” of traffic diversions during last week’s road works, which left motorists with no access to Monaghan Street throughout the evening and overnight for most of the week.

Similar night work had been carried out recently on the Forkhill Road but, as one disgruntled driver pointed out, clear warnings appeared on an electronic display in prime position on the Dublin Road, detailing road restrictions with times and dates highlighted both prior to and during the road works.

Motorists affected by the Monaghan Street night time works bemoaned the fact that the work began without prior notice or sufficient signs warning of diversions ahead, causing major disruption and confusion amongst road users.

One complainant told us,

“Traffic was diverted as far as Catherine Street but there were no signs or work men around to advise motorists that this was a dead end too! This meant cars had to turn and take a much more convoluted route around the area where work was taking place.”

Another person told us she had witnessed traffic being forced to turn outside the Canal Court Hotel and drive the wrong way along Merchant’s Quay as the road was blocked at the corner of the Quay and Monaghan Street.

Similar reports told of taxi drivers and other vehicles turning left anyway from the roundabout on Clanrye Avenue onto Monaghan Street, around the Diversion sign, therefore into oncoming traffic turning from Patrick Street.

It would seem that, although the after hours road works lasted a matter of days, the lack of warning and direction given to traffic around the busy street certainly annoyed and inconvenienced many city drivers, who expressed their hope that such works would be better managed in future.

A DRD Roads Service spokesperson would only confirm to The Examiner that,

“All night-time work has been completed and there will be no further road closures on Monaghan Street.  This work was undertaken to complement the public realm scheme.”