Victims of suicide remembered at Creggan Annual Light Ceremony

September 12, 2012

Rural Health Partnership, Women and Family Health Initiative, together with Creggan Church of Ireland, held their Annual Light Ceremony in Creggan Walled Gardens on last Friday evening to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.  Suicide Prevention day promotes worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicide.

This annual event is an opportunity for all sectors of the community to join and focus public attention and understanding about suicide and highlight effective prevention activities.

A large number of families, who have been affected by suicide, attended the event, giving them an opportunity to remember those who have died by suicide and offer them hope for the future.  The reality is that all sections and all generations of society are affected by suicide.

A Spokesperson for Creggan Church of Ireland Parish commented: “Creggan Church of Ireland values the opportunity to work in unison with The South Armagh Rural Health Partnership and Women and Family Health Initiative for the common purpose of remembering those who have lost their lives as a consequence of suicide and of providing pastoral and community care for families affected.”

“This very simple, but also poignant annual event, is very worthwhile in that it is a demonstration of the community’s concern and resolve to support those affected by suicide.”

Creggan Church’s Honorary Secretary, Kenny Donaldson commented:

“Our Church believes it is important to show solidarity with all those families throughout South Armagh and further afield who have lost loved ones to suicide. For too long the issue of suicide has carried connotations of a crime having been committed by the individual taking his/her life. We do not subscribe to this view.

“It is absolutely critical that our Churches, together with Civic community structures, support people and, particularly those most at risk, in proactively seeking to develop interventions which prevent suicide from occurring as much as is possible. It is also vital that Churches offer genuine Christian fellowship and support when suicide has actually been completed. A surviving family then requires acknowledgment, care and

support in the days that follow.”

Mr Donaldson concluded,

“Creggan Church of Ireland is delighted to be partners with South Armagh Rural Health Partnership, PIPS Newry and Mourne and The Women and Family Health Initiative for what has become an Annual Remembrance event. We are very happy to extend a welcome to the broader community who come to Creggan Poet’s Glen and the Walled Garden area to participate in what is a spiritual service of reflection delivered with a community-based approach.”