Turkish murder trial to hear from “secret witness”

September 18, 2012

By Christine Keighery

The father and son accused of murdering County Down women, Marion Graham and Cathy Dinsmore last year, appeared in a Turkish court for the first time together on Friday, where it emerged that a “secret witness” is set to give evidence at November’s trial of the pair.

Marion Graham and best friend, Cathy Dinsmore, were stabbed to death in a frenzied attack in a wood near the city of Izmir in August 2011.

Recep Cetin, the former boyfriend of Marion’s daughter, Shannon Graham, was initially charged with carrying out the murders alone, until new DNA evidence placed his fifty two year old father at the scene, and led to him being charged with the murders alongside his son.

Baris Kaska, lawyer for the victims’ families said a witness, who claims to have seen Recep Cetin’s father, Eyup, at the murder scene, will give evidence from elsewhere in the court building when the trial resumes on 9th November.  The lawyer said the court would not to able to see the witness, but he/she would be questioned by the prosecution and defence.

Mr Kaska also said the court had accepted the results of bone marrow tests which revealed Recep Cetin’s true age to be twenty two, and not seventeen, as he had previously claimed when arrested.

The defence lawyer had to be protected by up to thirty police officers and secret service agents at Friday’s hearing, as he has reportedly been subjected to intimidation by relatives and associates of the accused.  Mr Kaska said threats had now been made against him and that he would be making a formal complaint to the prosecutor’s office today (Monday).