Adult Education in the WALD Centre

September 18, 2012

The kids are back at school and now it is time for adults to think about courses for the academic year.

For adults who have found themselves in between jobs there is a very successful Adult Access course held in the WALD Centre Cullyhanna.

Several past students who have come back to the WALD Centre have talked about their success on the course and how it has opened many doors for them.  Colette Quinn from Cullyhanna, completed the course a couple of years ago and said “I came along to the WALD Centre for the Access Course.  I wasn’t sure whether I was fit for it or not, but I knew that I needed to do something.”  She continued “I had been away from school for a good few years, and felt that I could have done better. I also knew that I needed a qualification in maths so I just decided to give the course a try.

Colette finished by saying “I have never looked back. The course builds up your confidence, and before you know it you are completing the work, with helping hands of the tutors and fellow students, and you find yourself achieving.  The WALD Centre is such a friendly place, and it makes it a very relaxing place to learning.”

Colette is now completing a degree course on Southern Regional College’s Newry campus.

Patsy Doyle, from Southern Regional College commented “This course has been run in the WALD Centre for numerous years now, and has been one of the most life changing courses run by Southern Regional College, in the community.”

Patsy  continued, “Access courses are for adults with few or no formal educational qualifications who wish to prepare for progression into further education, in Newry or further afield. Students should be at least 18 years of age at the start of the course. Access courses help students gain the confidence and skills needed to study at university. The Access Diploma in Adult Learning serves as a gateway to many other forms of higher education. This course has assisted many mature students to progress to more advanced study and has enabled many to attain degrees.”

The programme offers the equivalence of 5 GCSEs (including Mathematics and English Language) in one year.  It is taught in a style that is totally suited to adults returning to education after a good break.

Most students come to the programme unsure of their capabilities, but the excellent tutors delivering the course, ease students back into the learning mode, and in no time.

Students obtaining an appropriate level of marks in the Diploma normally progress into undergraduate degree courses in the University of Ulster or other universities, or into other courses of higher study. The Diploma has a core of Mathematics and Communications and a number of specialist pathways.

There is also funding possibilities for those on Means Tested Benefits.

For further information about the Access course, please contact Patsy Doyle in Southern Regional College on 3025 9712 or 30861567.