Operation Torus launched to tackle street drugs

September 25, 2012

The PSNI have launched a new initiative to tackle street-level drug dealing across Northern Ireland. Operation Torus combines a media campaign designed to encourage people to report drug dealing with police action against dealers on the ground.

Since operational activity began on 20 August, police have conducted over one thousand searches and seized almost £300k of drugs, in addition to making almost two hundred drug related arrests throughout Northern Ireland.

In E District police have conducted four hundred searches and arrested thirty four since the operation began.

Crime Manager for E District, Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Wright, said:

“Local communities throughout E District have told us that they do not want drug dealing on their streets, that they want their children to be safe from illegal drugs and this is what we are trying to achieve through Op Torus.

“We are looking at all the information available to us and acting on it. We are carrying out searches, disrupting dealers and making it more and more difficult for dealers to sell drugs on our streets.

“The success of the operation depends largely on support from the public. The vast majority of residents in E District are aware of how dangerous illegal drugs or misusing prescription medication or other chemical products can be but some young people don’t realise the consequences of becoming caught up in drugs. I would ask parents to take this opportunity to discuss illegal drugs with their children and explain the long term consequences.

“Young people who take illegal drugs can get into dangerous situations or activities that they would not normally dream of doing. It can also lead to a criminal record which can damage employment and travel prospects.

“Our message today is clear and simple: if you see or know of anyone who is dealing drugs in your local area, then contact your local police on 0845 600 8000.

“This is about empowering and working with local communities to make E Districts safer, reducing the threat posed by street-level drugs and dealing with offenders robustly through the criminal justice system.”