New Garda Superintendent renews Quinn family’s hope for justice

October 16, 2012

This Saturday, 20th October, is the fifth anniversary of the murder of Paul Quinn.  Paul, aged 21 from Drumlougher, Cullyhanna was beaten to death by a large group of men after he was lured to a cattle shed just across the border near Oram, in county Monaghan in 2007. Having been led there on the pretext of work, Paul, along with a friend, were confronted by a gang of masked men.  Paul was separated from his friend and viciously beaten.  He died hours later in hospital in Drogheda.

Five years on, the Quinn family is still hopeful of justice and the conviction of those who planned and carried out the murder of their son. Immediately after the murder, Paul’s family accused the IRA of involvement in the murder but this was denied by Sinn Fein.

The Quinn Support group was subsequently formed to support the family, and, in an unprecedented move, members of the Gardai crossed the border to interview people in south Armagh.

An intensive investigation started with the PSNI assisting the Gardai and arrests were made on both sides of the border, with eighteen people arrested for questioning to date.

Speaking to The Examiner ahead of this weekend’s Anniversary Mass in Cullyhanna, Paul’s parents, Stephen and Breege said,

“Although the arrests and investigation to date has not resulted in charges being brought, we still have confidence of receiving justice.  We have recently met Gerry Russell, the new Superintendent for the Carrickmacross district Garda Siochana.  We were pleased when he told us that he intends to review the case and he also said there are people, already spoken to who may need to be talked to again and that there are others not spoken to yet that he is intending to get speaking to.

“We take that to mean that more arrests and maybe re-arrests are in the pipeline.  Nothing that has happened since and nothing we have discovered has changed our minds about IRA involvement in Paul’s brutal, savage murder.”

Paul’s mother, Breege said that the passage of time did not lessen her pain in any way and that the need for justice is insistent.

“We have lost our youngest son, our youngest child and on top of that, we have listened to politicians blackening him and trying to almost put the blame on him.  That was a grievous hurt on top of the horrible murder itself and we cannot forgive it either.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Paul and think about what we can do to get justice.  Thankfully a lot of good people have helped us at home and abroad, including many political representatives. I have to extend particular thanks to Cllr Geraldine Donnelly and MLA, Dominic Bradley, who have been a great support and good friends.

“There have even been major articles written as far away as the USA giving the broad facts of the case, which in turn leads to people from all over Ireland and abroad contacting us.  The local papers have always allowed us space to highlight the case too and that is important.  We are very thankful to all those decent people who believe in justice and have been good friends and a help to us.”

Paul’s Anniversary Mass will be in Cullyhanna at 8pm on Saturday 20th with refreshments served afterwards in the Community Centre at St Patrick’s football grounds.  All are welcome.

For more information or any questions please contact: Breege and Stephen Quinn – 30861418 or Jim McAllister 30861258