Polish boy achieves 1st in NI in Irish GCSE!

October 23, 2012

Sincere congratulations to Mateusz Jadczak who achieved top in NI in Irish. It is totally unprecedented that a member of the ‘New Irish’ community should achieve top in Gaeilge. This unique achievement was celebrated this week in St Colman’s College, Newry.

The Polish Consul Mr Jerome Mullan, Newry and Mourne Mayor Mr John Mc Ardle and Mr and Mrs Jadczak savoured this morning’s opportunity to highlight the great links we have with the Polish community.

The achievement of Mateusz celebrates further St Colman’s multi national, multi cultural College which provides the same opportunities through all subject areas for every pupil.

The young Polish man who is now embarking on AS Irish also achieved a further 14A* grades.

Mateusz was interviewed in Irish by BBC this morning for their internet programme which should be on stream soon.

St Colman’s Principal Cormac Mc Kinney praised Mateusz ‘It is a unique honour and we acknowledge the formation in education he has received from his parents and also from his teachers here in St Colman’s. To have attained first place in Northern Ireland is a wonderful achievement for any student.  However for Mateusz Jadczak to have got first place in GCSE Irish in Northern Ireland is something that is truly remarkable since he came here from Poland when he was just nine years old.  St Colman’s College is very proud of Mateusz – he is an excellent student and his outstanding results to date are a consequence of the dedication and commitment he demonstrates in everything that he does.  So far he has achieved an incredible 14 A* GCSE grades or equivalent and an A in AS Chemistry and he has also achieved first place in Northern Ireland in GCSE Music.  The College has been delighted to acknowledge his accomplishment in Irish with his parents Dr Norbert and Mrs Ewa Jadczak, the Polish Consul Mr Jerome Mullen, Mr John McArdle the Mayor of Newry and Mourne, Mateusz’s GCSE Irish teacher Dr. Patrick Collins along with the Head of Irish Mr Aidan Rodgers.  It has been wonderful for the College to celebrate Mateusz’s success together with his parents and the wider Newry and Mourne and Polish community to recognise the excellence of this extraordinary young man!