Hearty demands replacement of “outdated” stormwater system

October 30, 2012

Sinn Féin Councillor, Terry Hearty has met with Engineers from NI Water on site at St.Patrick’s Primary School and the junction of Carron Road, Ardross to discuss the replacement of the outdated stormwater system which causing a significant flood risk to the area.

Speaking following the meeting, Mr Hearty said,

“There is a need for proper investment to replace the outdated stormwater system.  For the past few years, with heavy rain, we have had six inches of water on the road outside the school.  At times parents find it extremely difficult  to access the school with their children.  We now have stormwater flowing through residents’ gardens  along with flooding at the other end of Ardross at the Blayney Road junction.”

Councillor Hearty continued,

“I have made it clear to officials that this investment must take place to ensure that houses are not flooded.  We have raised the issue with NI Water over the last number of years.  I also made it clear that NI Water must take full responsibility for the homes in that area. The time to act is now.”