A light hearted look at the 150th Anniversary celebrations for St Mary’s Church, Mullaghbawn

November 27, 2012

A light hearted look at the 150th Anniversary celebrations for St Mary’s Church, Mullaghbawn

By Joey McKinley Mullaghbawn

On Thursday night in Aras an Phobail we all had a great night’s craic

Folks of our generation who had gathered there looked forward to looking back

For our Chapel that’s called St. Mary’s was 150 years old

With Kevin bringing us back in time an interesting story was told

Some photos of past occasions that had been put on D.V.D

Were moving about on the wall very plain for all to see

The buzz in the hall was fantastic as we gazed in total dismay

At some of our dearly loved relatives who, sadly, have passed away

With music and song to round off the night and a cup of tea and a scone

We all set off home and reminisced on those days that are long since gone.

On Sunday we met in the Chapel to celebrate once more

We could sense the buzz as we approached the door

The chapel was packed to capacity and looked splendid as we knelt to pray

The whole congregation looked forward to celebrating the day

All groups from the parish were represented from the young to the young at heart

And everything went like clockwork as they reverently played their part.

Members of four choirs from the parish led the congregation in song

The words of the hymns were displayed on the wall to help them sing along

When the Cardinal had blessed the new graveyard and the memorial plaque on the wall we all processed with a spring in our steps for a bite to eat in the hall.

Some folk might say that the art of conversation has gradually faded away

They should have been in our parish on Thursday night and Sunday

For the craic was so high on both those occasions you could barely hear your ears

As we laughed at the yarns and the jokes that were told till we were reduced to tears.

The M.C. in the hall on Sunday couldn’t be heard with the din and the noise

You might have thought that this was coming from all the girls and the boys

You would be wrong! He had to call on the Cardinal and a Parish Priest we all know

To sit down and stop talking so that we might hear the children doing a wee show

The show was a treat with a fine display of music, poetry, dance and song

Our ancestors from whom they have inherited this talent would be proud that it’s still going strong.

All this didn’t happen without preparation and many a sleepless night

Sometimes it must have seemed that at the end of the tunnel there might not be any light. For the hardworking team toiled like Santa’s wee elves and could barely take time to eat food. Many a prayer went up to heaven; some might have gone to St. Jude. But they needn’t have worried for their hard work paid off and they can take a well-earned rest.

For the next celebration will be in 50years time when once more our church will be blessed.

When that time comes round in 2062 and our families go up to the hall

We may be long gone and they will probably see our photos moving round on the wall.