Councillor McDonald condemns the latest Fuel Waste dumping

December 10, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Packie McDonald has condemned the latest incident of fuel dumping. Fuel cubes were discovered on Friday morning on Grant’s Road, Jonesborough.

Councillor McDonald said,

“Fuel cubes were discarded at Grant’s Road, Jonesborough and this has caused major inconvenience to the residents of this area, especially as it was set on fire. It has not only partially blocked the road but the fact that it was set on fire could have been potentially dangerous for anyone living in the area.

“Those who are responsible for this latest incident have shown no consideration for the residents in the Jonesborough area, and have displayed a blatant disregard towards the environment and the damage they may have caused.

“I have been in contact with Environmental Health and they have confirmed that they will be out to investigate the case, however, it could take up to several days for this waste to be removed, causing further annoyance for anyone wishing to access this road.”