Martina Anderson, M.E.P. visits South Armagh

January 14, 2013

MEP Martina Anderson received a warm welcome on her visit to the Newry and Armagh constituency last Thursday.

As part of her trip, the MEP travelled to south Armagh where she visited Daisy Chains Day Care in Crossmaglen and Happy Faces Nursery and Pre-school in Glassdrummond.

Many of her party colleagues turned up to welcome her into the area, including MP Conor Murphy and MLA Megan Fearon,  along with Newry and Mourne Sinn Fein councillors Packie McDonald, Colman Burns, Anthony Flynn and Terry Hearty.

Speaking about her visits to the local childcare facilities, Martina said,

“I have been warmly welcomed by all the staff members in the various places I have visited today and by my party colleagues in Newry, Armagh and south Armagh. Both these childcare facilities were of an excellent standard and displayed the importance of childcare facilities and an adequate childcare strategy.

“With the difficult times we find ourselves in, childcare facilities are becoming more essential as both parents are forced to work to make ends meet.

“It is essential that childcare facilities receive all the support necessary from elected representatives and funders.”