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BCAB plans major border demo in advance of EU Council meeting

Border Communities Against Brexit (BCAB) has announced plans for a major border demonstration to be held this week, in advance of a critical EU Council summit – the last such meeting before the British government says it will leave the European Union.

This Wednesday 16th October at 8.00pm, people across the area are being encouraged to come out to their local border crossing and be a part of a series of protests taking place simultaneously along border roads.  The events are being organized to coincide with the eve of the crucial European Council summit, to be held in Brussels on Thursday.

Participants in the protest are being asked to “light a beacon or torch” and display location signs with #NoBorisBorder hashtag that will be broadcast across the internet, showing opposition to the effects of a no-deal Brexit on border communities.

Speaking ahead of the event, BCAB spokesperson Damien McGenity said: “The most recent Brexit proposals put forward by British Prime Minister Johnson are completely unworkable and unacceptable.  As the date for the critical European Council summit meeting on 17th October gets closer, it is clear that the chances of a withdrawal deal are slipping further away.

“Over recent weeks, Border Communities Against Brexit has significantly stepped up its campaign against a no-deal Brexit and any return to a hard border on the island of Ireland.  This has included public meetings in border communities, widespread media engagement at home and abroad, meeting EU Ambassadors, engagement with political representatives at local, national and EU level, including presentations in the Oireachtas.

“On Wednesday 16th October at 8:00pm, in advance of the EU Council meeting, we are seeking to engage the public in a major demonstration of opposition to Brexit and to any return of a hard border in Ireland.  We are asking people to come out to their local border road at 8:00pm to show their anger at a No Deal Brexit, and to light a beacon or torch to show our implacable opposition to being dragged out of the EU. We want people to make their own Location sign and send pictures and videos to @BCAB4EU with the Hastag #NoBorisBorder and also tag Border Communities Against Brexit on Facebook, let’s break the internet!”

Adding that representatives of BCAB will be in Brussels for Thursday’s EU Council meeting “to lobby and explain our determination to resist the imposition of any border infrastructure”, Mr McGenity revealed that a number of local councils have agreed to light up their public buildings in yellow in solidarity with the aims of Border Communities Against Brexit

The location for the border road demonstration in the local area has yet to be announced ahead of The Examiner printing schedule.  Follow the Border Communities Against Brexit Facebook page for further details..