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Bomb and Bullet Legacy talk an “unforgettable” event

Over one hundred members of the public gathered on Tuesday evening to hear the harrowing testimonies from survivors who lost family members to the violence of the Troubles.  

The Truth & Reconciliation Platform event, ‘The Bomb and Bullet Legacy’, at Sean Hollywood Arts Centre in Newry, saw the family and friends of those killed during the Troubles share first-hand accounts about the enduring impact their murders have had on their lives. Those in attendance also heard the calls from the families, from all backgrounds, for the truth to be revealed over the deaths of their loved ones and state collusion in their murders.  

Whitecross man Eugene Reavey, whose three brothers were killed by the UVF’s infamous Glenanne Gang in 1976, shared the stage with high profile victims Stephen Travers, survivor of The Miami Showband Massacre and Alan McBride, whose wife Sharon was one of nine people killed during the Shankhill Bombing in 1993.

You could hear a pin drop as the heartbreaking accounts of hurt and suffering unfolded, with many describing the event as “unforgettable” and ”one which will stay with me for a long time.” 

Organised by local solicitor Rory McShane, the panel also included former Ulster and Ireland rugby star Trevor Ringland who is playing a key role in reconciliation initiatives throughout Ireland. 

The event was hosted for the very first time by the Newry Inter Church Forum as part of its Outreach Programme aimed at promoting good relations between churches and communities.  Speaking about the evening, Marie McShane of Newry Inter Church said,

“Their powerful and at times emotional recollections were a reminder of the challenges we face as a divided society. Nonetheless, in a divided society such as ours, open and meaningful dialogue, as well as the ability to listen to other views, and to question our preconceived ideas, are essential if we are to begin the process of reconciliation and healing.”