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Border Communities Against Brexit continue to lobby for Special Status

The Border Communities Against Brexit (BCAB) group gathered on the steps of Stormont on Friday to mark the anniversary of the remain vote in the North and to continue its campaign lobbying for a Special Status within the EU for Northern Ireland.

Speaking to The Examiner ahead of Friday’s protest, BCAB spokesperson Declan Fearon said,

“BCAB are determined to continue our campaign to highlight the need for a Special Status within the EU; the ongoing uncertainty around the whole Brexit negotiations and the lack of devolved government here at Stormont is damaging our economy and making business owners nervous about investing in the future. We are here to continue our lobbying and we will meet some of the political parties to outline our concerns.

“We wish to see all political parties in Ireland agree a position on Brexit which can be put to Dublin, London and Brussels. Given the priority that the EU has given Ireland in the negotiations a common position would be a very powerful statement,” added Mr Fearon – who said the group welcomed the Irish Government’s pledge made at the launch of the Brexit report by the Oireachtas committee on Thursday, that the Irish Government will insist on a Special Status for the North.

He said the Irish Foreign Minister’s support of Special Status signified a shift in the Irish Government’s position, “and they can now as a full EU member request that the EU Brexit Guidelines’ be changed to request a Special Status for Northern Ireland.”

BCAB have recently been awarded the prestigious EU Citizens prize and will be travelling to Brussels in October to attend the prize giving.

“This is a recognition of the work we have been doing in highlighting the very damaging nature of Brexit for our border communities, and we will use that as a platform to continue to lobby EU decision makers,” said Declan.