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Border Communities Against Brexit march on Stormont

Local ANTI-Brexit campaigners marched on Stormont last week in protest at the British Prime Minister’s decision to trigger Article 50 – the formal process by which they leave the EU – and to highlight their concerns about the return of a hard border in Ireland.

The demonstration included mock customs checkpoints and hundreds of protesters chanted “no borders, no barriers, no Brexit” as they marched towards  the steps of Parliament Buildings on Wednesday.

The Border Communities Against Brexit group, which organised the march, believe that, with the majority of voters in Northern Ireland backing Remain (56%), the government should set out a special case for Northern Ireland.

Declan Fearon, from Border Communities Against Brexit addressed the demonstrators,  claiming that British Prime Minister Theresa May was not interested in their concerns.

“It seems she simply doesn’t care, maybe doesn’t know what the full implications are for the people who live along the border,” he said.

“It is not acceptable that we are being squeezed between two enormous political forces in the British government and the European Union with large macro economies while we are located on the edge of Europe faced with the prospect of our borders being closed and having to pay tariffs on our goods with inevitable long delays on our border crossings.”

While Sinn Féin and SDLP representatives joined the picket, elsewhere unionist politicians welcomed the triggering of article 50 and gave their full backing to the Prime Minister.