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Call for immediate end to diesel dumping

The repeated illicit dumping of fuel laundering waste in the south Armagh area has been met with anger and dismay by Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Larkin who has called on the community to help end this practice once and for all.

 His comments come after the latest incident in which three industrial cubes of toxic waste were discarded next to a water treatment works near Silverbridge, threatening the contamination of local water supplies.

Councillor Larkin says criminals behind this dumping activity must desist immediately and he urged the community to be vigilant and report such incidents.

Speaking after the find on Friday, he said: “Yet again we have ratepayers in this district paying to clear the toxic waste which is dumped at our roadside by diesel launderers.  The latest incident occurred on the New Line at Silverbridge [where] three pods of diesel waste were left beside a N.I. Water facility.

“This criminal behaviour is a blight on our landscape, our environment, but most importantly, our community,” he continued.  “The people behind these crimes have no respect for citizens in the area who are forced to pay for their actions, which this time threatened to contaminate local water supplies.

“I urge the statutory authorities and the local community to redouble their efforts to put this activity to an end once and for all.  It’s dangerous, it’s criminal and it must stop immediately.”