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Couple celebrate 68 years of wedded bliss

By Diarmúid Pepper 

A Bessbrook couple, who have been together for 68 years, were taken aback by the numerous messages by well-wishers that they received online. 

Alfie and Annie England recently celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary and their grandson, Neil Cromwell, posted a messaged to “The Bessbrook Page” on Facebook sending them much love and congratulations.

But the post took off and was liked and commented by many well-wishers, much to the surprisement of Alfie and Annie.  

Annie’s daughter, Anne Cromwell, thanked all the well-wishers for their messages and spoke to The Examiner about why she thinks the post connected with so many people in Bessbrook.

“They have lived in that house for 63 years, so they have seen a lot of their neighbours come and go and pass on,” explained Annie. 

“There were neighbours who commented, but people who emigrated to Canada and all other parts of the world also commented and liked the post.” 

She says that the response was “unbelievable” and that her parents were “overwhelmed” by it all. 

Wedded Bliss: Alfie and Annie England celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary.

Anne says it has been tough to stay away from the post because there are always new people commenting and liking the post. Quite often these posts are from people that she hasn’t seen or spoken to in years, but they still took the time to send their well-wishes to Alfie and Annie such is their standing in the local community. 

“I found it hard to stay off the phone! I would be checking to see who has commented and I would phone my parents and say, ‘you will never believe who has seen this now!’ They really couldn’t believe it.”

Anne didn’t know just what it was that has kept Alfie and Annie’s relationship going so strong over the decades, but she said it is probably due to their “sense of humour that makes them gel so well together”.