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Crossmaglen ATM issues ‘rectified’: Bank apology

Bank of Ireland says it has rectified a number of issues relating to the ATM machine located at its Crossmaglen branch, which has been out of service over recent weekends, causing major inconvenience for customers left without access to their cash.

Many local residents have reported that the town’s only public cash machine is out of operation on a regular basis and, in particular, over two consecutive weekends at the end of last month.  The situation was recently compounded by the fact that in-store cashpoints present in a number of Crossmaglen’s supermarkets were also out of action leading to an influx of debit card transactions being made and forcing many people to travel to neighbouring towns to withdraw cash.

Apologising for the erratic ATM service, a Bank of Ireland spokesperson assured The Examiner that the bank recognises the importance of its cash machine service for communities such as Crossmaglen and vowed that monitoring of the ATM in The Square would be increased. The spokesperson revealed that the most recent malfunction was due to an object being forced into the machine which prompted the need for an engineer call-out to repair the damaged device.

“Our branch team has reported or rectified a number of issues relating to the ATM over recent weekends,” the bank’s representative said.

“Most recently an object was jammed into the ATM and the device could not be mended until an engineer was called out. At other times the issue was rectified within an hour.

“We are sorry that the ATM has been out of service and assure our customers that we will continue to do everything we can to keep it open for transactions at all times. We will increase our monitoring of this ATM in order to identify any further issues as quickly as possible.”