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Crossmaglen Champion wins in Ulster

Local Crossmaglen girl Shauna O’Callaghen the 64kg Elite Ulster Champion went to the Ulster Hall hoping to create some magic of her own in the Ulster Elite Final. Unfortunately, not all went Shauna’s way neither during training nor the event itself.

However, as many readers know that with adversity comes the challenge to overcome and Shauna certainly did that. She had an injury that set her back two months while training for the upcoming finals. This was a setback but with help from her boxing coaching team from Clannn Naofa Shauna got back into her routine in no time. With an injury obstacle in her rear-view mirror I’m sure that she felt as though the tough part was over and yet one more remained.

At the Ulster Elite Finals as Shauna was excited to fight and bring a performance of a lifetime as many of Ireland’s greatest boxers have walked through Ulster Hall in the past. Yet Shauna’s opponent pulled out leaving Shauna without an opponent. This was a blow for Shauna who overcame an injury to prepare for the event and felt frustrated she couldn’t compete. In spite of this Jim O’Neill her head coach approached the Ulster Boxing Council and with great negation they decided for Shauna to get a special contest facing the Ulster 69kg Elite Ulster Champion.  Shauna who eagerly wanted to fight in the prestigious Ulster Hall accepted the bout without hesitation. 

Shauna who is the 64kg Ulster Elite Champion had to face her new opponent Rosemary Doherty the 69kg Ulster Elite Champion six years senior was yet again up against it or so it seemed on paper. Of course Shauna rose to the challenge. Shauna put on a first rate performance that was smooth and comfortable from an outsider’s perspective although you could see the training that went into this bout. It was scary how good Shauna was but with a deserving win by unanimous decision. When I think of Shauna’s obstacles in this bout I can’t help but think of a quote by one of the greatest boxers of all time Mike Tyson “You never lose until you actually give up.” Which Shauna certainly lived by. Shauna’s head coach Jim O’Neill wanted to give a special thanks to the coaching staff and sponsors who helped Shauna throughout her boxing career.