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Customer testimonial shines global spotlight on Mullaghbawn Spar

Glowing comments from a loyal customer helped to thrust Mullaghbawn Spar into the spotlight at last month’s Spar European Conference in Lisbon. Proprietor Shona McCreesh was attending the conference along with over 200 retailers, managers and suppliers from Northern Ireland when the Head of Marketing and Retail Spar International and Managing Director of Spar China concluded his presentation to the delegates by revealing the comments posted by happy customer Evelyn Campbell on the Spar NI website.

Shona told The Examiner that she had no idea her humble Mullaghbawn store was about to receive such recognition until Mr Tobias Wasmuht referred to the website and told those gathered that everything he had said during his thirty minute presentation “this customer had summed up” before sharing the comments with the audience.

“I knew he was reading Evelyn’s lovely comment about the shop,” said Shona, “but I had no idea he was going to mention our names or take it any further.”

Mrs Campbell’s testimonial heaped praise on her local Spar store, which has been owned and managed by the McCreesh family for over 45 years.

“Love our local Spar,” the post read,

“great staff, great offers, always clean and tidy, well stocked as well as being open to suggestions made by customers.  Tasty and nutritious deli and great conversation and light heartedness…well done McCreesh’s Spar, Mullaghbawn …….you are A*”

Mr Wasmuht praised the Mullaghbawn store and the McCreesh Family for being dedicated to the needs of their customers, and to maintaining such high standards within their store.  He then invited Shona to stand up before wholeheartedly congratulating her on such a glowing endorsement to the rapturous applause of the audience.

Shona said,

“The McCreesh Family are delighted with this praise, at such a high level.  The conference was filled with retailers who own five or six stores and there we were, a small shop in Mullaghbawn thrown into the spotlight.”

“We wish to thank Evelyn once again for taking the time to post such positive comments about the store online.  Evelyn is very much into her community and it is just like her to post such wonderful recommendations.

“We pride ourselves in being an integral part of the community in Mullaghbawn and our doors are always open to further suggestions and comments, from customers old and new.”

Speaking to The Examiner about her well-travelled endorsement, Evelyn said she “meant every word of it and certainly did not think it would travel so far!”

“I’m just delighted that they received such praise so far from home owing to my message!” she said.

“I’ve known all the McCreesh family for a lifetime as did my parents and grandparents  and they’ve always been good neighbours and friends as well as good retailers.

“I firmly believe that it is always easier to be kind than cruel in life and I think that if anyone is happy with a business or service you should give them the praise they deserve.”