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Farmed puppies rescued by USPCA in Operation Delphin

A batch of farmed puppies seized by the USPCA in the Scottish port of Cairnryan on Friday morning were taken to the USPCA Animal Hospital in Newry to be checked over by vets. 

27 pups, mostly collies and spaniels, were seized in the exercise between police and the USPCA, as part of Operation Delphin. The animals were detained by Police Scotland and seized by colleagues in the Scottish SPCA.

It is believed the puppies were farmed in the Republic of Ireland and then transported to the north in a van driven onto a late-night ferry on Wednesday

According to the USPCA, the dogs would have been sold in the UK for up to £15,000.

Commenting on the operation, Brendan Mullan Chief Executive USPCA said, 

 “The USPCA investigates a number of serious animal welfare abuses across Northern Ireland and works closely with our partners involved with Operation Delphin to disrupt and deter the highly lucrative criminal trade in puppies.

“USPCA cooperation and intelligence are key to the many successes of Operation Delphin to date.

“This charity’s role in the disruption of this cruel trade in vulnerable animals is a drain on both its physical and financial resources however, the successful recovery of these 27 pups provides the reassurance needed to continue the fight.”

It is understood the animals have now been returned to the Republic of Ireland and are currently being cared for by the ISPCA.