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Hairdresser shares weight loss journey ahead of impending wedding

By Diarmúid Pepper

Weight-loss experts at The Academy Masterplan have teamed up with a local hair salon owner to help her fit into the dream dress for her big day, and you can follow this journey exclusively in The Examiner.

Mullaghbawn couple Frank and Karen Daly founded The Academy Masterplan to help on-the-go people find a weight-loss plan that suited their busy lifestyles.

The Academy runs classes in Dundalk, as well as online, teaching people across the globe how to enjoy the most amazing food ever and still reach that target weight.

Karen Daly is one of Ireland’s most sought after weight loss experts and is well placed to offer advice and guidance to clients; she lost over four stone herself and went on to complete a Masters in Weight Management.

Karen has worked with many brides over the years and is bringing all of this experience to the fore to help Georgina Hoey shed those final few pounds in preparation for her wedding day.

Georgina is the owner of Heavenly Hair in Tullydonnell and is sharing her journey over the next six weeks as she prepares to walk down the aisle on the 15th of February.

Hair salon owner Georgina Hoey teams up with weight loss experts The Academy Masterplan ahead of her big day

She has already lost over 1.5 stone with The Academy Masterplan and is well on course to reach her target.

Being a business owner, Georgina worried that she wouldn’t be able to fit a weight loss plan around her hectic schedule.

However, she says that the plan is easy to follow and that The Academy is always at hand to keep her motivated.

Speaking of the transformative plan, Georgina said: “No counting, no points or potions, and the biggest thing is how delicious every meal is.

“I have learned to cook so many delicious meals and having lost 1 stone 8lb, I’m so excited about getting back at it now to feel great for my own wedding.”

Georgina says that she feels fantastic as a result of the plan and has a lot more energy. She also praised the ease with which the plan fits alongside work and family life, with “recipes that are delicious and quick and suit the whole family”.

Her aim is to lose just over a stone before the wedding day and Georgina says that with the help of The Academy, she is more than up to the task.

“It was when I went wedding dress shopping that it really hit me that I didn’t want to feel this way walking down the aisle,” explained Georgina.

“I found my perfect dress but I still ordered it a full size smaller, confident that I have the tools to get into it with the guidance of The Academy.”