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Hurling Championship up for change

GAA President Aogán Ó Fearghaíl has revealed details of a new hurling championship structure that would see Leinster and Munster championships played on a round robin basis. Speaking at RTE’s launch of their championship coverage, the Cavan native outlined: “In all the debate and discussions many issues were raised on the preliminary stage [Super 8s] in football and one of the issues that was raised that has total merit is that there was risk that by having so many high profile football games, that hurling would suffer and I accept that completely.

“We’ve had many discussions and we have an excellent hurling development committee in Croke Park and with the hurling development committee and the CCC and our own management, we’ve had quite an in-depth investigation and we will now present at the June meeting, a similar type model in hurling.

“So all the teams involved in the Liam MacCarthy cup will have additional games, there will be home games and away games and we think it will give hurling the exposure it needs.

“It would start on a round robin, keeping the Leinster championship and the Munster championship.

“We will need to have home games and away games for all counties, and I would stress that Galway included. Galway needs to have hurling matches played at their home venue and with the agreement with the Leinster Council we are almost there.”

For hurling followers this new championship structure will be a welcome godsend as it will provide a lot more top class matches. It will also give Galway home championship games that they have not had since joining the Leinster championship.