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ICLVR to commence search of forest site for Nairac remains

 The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains (ICLVR), which is responsible for locating the Disappeared, is to oversee a search in Ravensdale Forest in a bid to locate the remains of British army captain Robert Nairac.

The move comes following a recent search of the area using specialist cadaver dogs that reacted to a patch of ground where human remains may be buried.  

Former British army soldier and documentary-maker Alan Barry instigated the exploration with the dogs as part of his attempts to find Nairac’s remains.  On Tuesday last he alerted Gardaí to his find and also informed the ICLVR who says it intends to send a forensic archaeologist to the site to conduct a preliminary investigation – a process which may take a number of weeks.

Robert Nairac – one of three remaining Disappeared – was a British Army intelligence officer who was abducted from The Three Steps pub in Dromintee on May 15th 1977 before being allegedly shot and secretly buried by the IRA.

In the course of his investigation to find where Nairac is buried, it has been reported that Mr Barry hired a psychic from whom information led him to the spot where the cadaver dogs indicated human remains were buried.  The dogs were trained and handled by Paul Murphy, who trains dogs for the Civil Defence and US police forces.