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Intruder assaults woman during attempted break-in

A woman was punched by an intruder who was attempting to break into her Newry home, it has been reported.

The incident occurred around midnight on Tuesday last in the Barcroft area of the city.

Councillor Gavin Malone revealed details of the perturbing incident, stating that he was alerted to it via a phone call he received at 12.30am.

He explained: “A lady in Barcroft was in the kitchen and heard a noise in the living room.  When she walked into the living room her window was wide open and a man was trying to get in.  When confronted, the man threw a punch and assaulted this lady.

“Luckily this woman’s husband was in the house and came down the stairs. 

“I spoke with this lady last night and as you can imagine she  was in a state of shock. This family have been in Barcroft all their lives,” he said, adding that “we must all watch out for each other”.