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Leaflet drop carried out in response to stone-throwing attacks

Local trade union Unite the community have condemned the recent stone throwing and anti social behaviour in the Derrybeg and Carnagat areas of Newry. The union recently dropped 1,000 leaflets in the area condemning the recent acts of anti social behaviour outlining that it will not be tolerated and must be stopped.

The Examiner reported last week how the latest attack on traffic on the Camlough Road in Newry had left a Derrybeg resident and her grandson badly shaken when the rear windscreen of her vehicle was smashed by a gang of youths throwing stones from a vantage point in the nearby Parkhead area.

The incident, which was the latest in a spate of similar attacks to take place against vehicles along stretches of both the Carnagat Road and Camlough Road, was met with widespread condemnation from local political representatives and community groups.

Both the Carnagat Community Association and the Derrybeg Community Association have consistently worked in conjunction with the Northern Housing Executive, the PSNI and other statutory bodies to stop the dangerous attacks.

Last week’s leaflet drop sought to highlight and bring to an end the potentially deadly practice.

The leaflets dropped into homes throughout the Derrybeg and Carnagat areas outlined how the residents of both communities have “come under attack from a criminal element who seem hellbent on creating havoc by stone throwing, stealing and loutish behaviour.”

The letter warned that if such attacks continue “it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed” and highlighted the dire consequences for the community if vital services such as taxis, buses and fire and ambulance services boycotted the area for fear of coming under attack.

The Unite community group called on parents to know where  their children are at night time and what they are doing, as part of their obligation to the communities they live in, and warned that the names of those responsible for the current anti-social behaviour were known to the group and that  “if necessary” they  would be named via a further leaflet drop and picketing of the homes of the individuals concerned.

“The proud people of this area have faced countless attacks from the outside down through the years,” the letter continued,

“and we have no doubt that they will face down this attack from within, with the same strength and resolve as they have done in the past.”

Speaking after helping with the leaflet drop, Unite spokesperson and Independent councillor, Kevin McAteer said the exercise had been “a big success and the response from the locals was well received.”

“The message from the residents of the area is loud and clear – anti social behaviour will not be tolerated in any form and these stone throwing incidents on cars must be stopped before someone is seriously hurt,” he added.