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Local singers create powerful charity song in aid of Palestinian orphans

A powerful charity song soon to be released by two local singer songwriters hopes to aid the plight of children trapped in the conflict in Gaza by raising money for an orphanage in the wartorn region.

The song “A Palestinian Child” combines the unique talents of Cullyhanna Irish hip-hop singer and musician, Aodhan Chezney Conlon, and traditional folk singer and musician, Odhran Murphy, to produce an Irish folk and rap mash-up with a powerful message.

The angry vocals from Aodhan accompanied by the softer, traditional folk melody from Odhran on vocals and guitar have produced a stunning track which undeniably drives home the horror and sadness of the atrocities which continue in Palestine and the innocent children who suffer throughout.

The continuing conflict in Gaza and its effects on children there is something Aodhan feels strongly about and it spurred him to write the song which rails against the apparent indifference from the rest of the world at the horrors which continue to unfold for Palestinians.

The pair, who also play together in the well known band “Vocal Trap” released a video of them performing the track on Facebook just a few months ago.  The video promptly went viral receiving hugely positive feedback from listeners across the globe, including Palestinians in Gaza itself, and drew the attention of another musician Pol MacAdaim, who offered to record the song for free.

“I wrote the song a while back and myself and Odhran put it together in my house one evening and decided to put it on Facebook.  The reaction we had was unbelievable!” explains Aodhan.

“My phone never stopped for two weeks and Pol MacAdaim contacted us offering to record the song for free.”

“The reaction we had made me believe the song could be successful if we did record it so we took Pol up on his recording offer. I asked an Italian musician, Pierluigi, who I know through trad sessions in Dundalk, to add an instrumental piece to the track.  The addition of piano, violin, and bass has really developed the recorded single from the rough original on Facebook and we hope it does really well in raising money for the Al-Amal Orphanage in Gaza.”

“The final pieces are being put together at the minute so that the song will be ready for digital release in the coming weeks,”

Aodhan has also just finished shooting the music video for the song with Belfast Film Producer, Sean Murray, who offered his services for free after coming across the song on Facebook.

According to Aodhan, “the first cut of the video looks great.  It has some pretty powerful footage from Palestine against a backdrop of Palestinian solidarity images we came across in Belfast.”

The official video will be released through “Relapse Pictures” on YouTube, which can be subscribed to on YouTube.

Aodhan and Odhran have also been invited on to Radio Ulster on December 29th to talk about their music and perform “A Palestinian Child.”

“The whole situation in Gaza is one that really needs to be addressed,” adds Aodhan.

“Day after day we see different videos of the brutality that’s taking place over there. I would hope that our song and video can go some way to raising awareness of the horror in Gaza and raise some much needed funds for the Al-Amal Orphanage.”

The Al-Amal Institute for Orphans is the only facility for orphans in Gaza City. It takes only the neediest children as it cannot accommodate all the city’s orphans. The number of children living in the orphanage has almost doubled since the 2014 war, which created more than 1,500 new orphans in the besieged Gaza Strip. With those numbers rising, the privately funded institute is being renovated and expanded to accommodate the influx, while a staff of more than 50 works around the clock to monitor, feed, teach, play and comfort its young residents.

All proceeds from “A Palestinian Child” will go to the very worthy cause to ensure the orphanage can continue to offer refuge for the psychologically scarred orphans of Palestine. For confirmation of the release date of the track on iTunes and Google Play, follow the Chezney Conlon Artist Facebook page.