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Major jobs boost as First Derivatives set to hire 400 graduates

Newry-based software firm, First Derivatives, will take on 400 graduate recruits this year, in what is being hailed as the largest graduate hiring spree in Ireland.

The positions, which are being created in Newry and internationally, come after the company reported a 30% rise in sales in the year to the end of February. Revenue in the period was £151.7m,  up from £117m over the same period a year earlier, while pre-tax profits were also up by a fifth to £12.5m. A full year dividend of 20 pence per share is up 20% from last year.

Last year, the company acquired QuantumKDB, the London-based big data company of Irish man Kieran Lucid, for £2.2m. This followed previous acquisitions of Prelytix, ActivateClients and Affinity Systems.

The financial and technology giant, founded by Newry-born Brian Conlon, provides software, consulting and data analytics products and services, initially to the investment banking sector but increasingly to non-financial sectors where demand for real-time data analytics is rising – including precision engineering, and the defence and space sectors.

First Derivatives counts 19 out of 20 of the world’s biggest investment banks as customers.

The global player,which employs more than 1,750 people worldwide at offices in its Newry headquarters, Dublin, London, New York and Stockholm, is initiating two new programmes to cater for talented graduates – with the 400 graduate intake up from 300 last year.

Recruitment and Resource Manager Liz O’Hanlon says there are vacancies for applicants from various educational backgrounds who want to stay local or who want travel or work abroad and who may have “narrowly missed out” on fulfilling the entry requirements for the company’s Options programme.

“In recent years, we’ve opened a lot of new roles so traditionally we’ve always hired mathematicians, engineers, finance graduates of quite a high academic standard,” explained the Recruitment Manager.

“That is still the case but we’ve also launched a number of new graduate programmes.  This year we’ve launched our Futures programme and the exciting part of that is it’s a Newry based graduate programme, so hopefully it helps us target local graduates who may have narrowly missed out on our entrance criteria for our Options programme – which has been traditionally quite difficult to get into.

“We want those graduates who may have missed out to have an opportunity to contribute to the business,” added Liz.

“We have growing areas of the business based in Newry in the Applications Support team, so we’ve had a number of top global banks who have requested operations in our Headquarters office and the Futures graduates will provide a vital area of support to the global banking world that they operate in.”

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