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Meigh GP surgery: People ‘losing faith’ in project

Residents of Meigh are losing faith that the proposed new GP surgery for the village will ever come to fruition, it has been claimed.

Sinn Fein representatives made the claim following a recent meeting with health service officials to discuss the issue.

The protracted campaign for a fit-for-purpose, medical premises for Meigh village has been ongoing for more than a decade and, despite initially getting the green light more than three years ago, the project has been beset with delays.

Assembly members Megan Fearon and Conor Murphy, and Councillor Mickey Larkin, recently met with Health Board members Dr. Mary Donnelly and John McGrath and Dr. Arnie McDowell, Chair of the local medical committee to address concerns over the ongoing delays.

Speaking afterwards, Ms Fearon said: “This issue has been ongoing for 10 years at this stage and it’s well past time it was sorted.  Two and half years ago I chaired a public meeting on Meigh surgery and while we have held numerous meetings with those responsible for the service since then, we don’t appear to be very much further on today.

“However, there are causes for hope.  The Board have assured us that outstanding issues will be resolved in the next two to three weeks with work starting on site as early as August.  We told the Board that we had heard all this before but they were quite insistent that these targets were realistic and that action would be taken if they weren’t met,” she revealed.

Councillor Mickey Larkin said it is crucial that Meigh gets the surgery it deserves: “People are really starting to lose faith in this project ever coming to fruition so it’s important that there are no more delays,” he said.

“This is a much needed service in the area, particularly for those with disabilities and as it stands the surgery is simply not conducive to their needs.  I would urge the people of Meigh and the surrounding area not to give up hope on this project and to stand with us as we push to ensure its delivery.”