Newspaper for Crossmaglen, South Armagh, Newry and Down.

Mighty Quinn Ulster Elite Champion

There was magic in the air last night, the fairy dust was everywhere, all the child of Pragues were left out, prayers can be answered, hopes can be realised, they can also be dashed, but ability will, most times, come to the forefront, dedication and self belief, not cockiness, will overcome most obstacles, and on Saturday night in Ulster Hall, Camlough ABC boxer and Belleek GAC footballer, enthralled the large crowd in the magnificent Ulster Hall, home of amateur Boxing, with those attributes. 

It was a battle of champions, Fearghus Quinn [Camlough ABC]  and Brett McGinty [Oak leaf ABC Derry] billed as the fight of the night, and it lived up to its hype, producing a battle that had the crowd captivated for three superb rounds, that had both camps believing that their boy had done enough to sway the judges their way. 

Fearghus unfortunately and unluckily lost out in 2017 final to the very experienced Steven Donnelly, that many believed was the wrong decision, had prepared well for last night’s big crunch, and he intended to leave nothing in the ring. 

Fergie Quinn had a point to prove, 2017 was disappointing, he believed that he had done enough against the experienced Steven Donnelly to have got the verdict, and didn’t, now this time he intended to make up for lost time.

Corner-man, coaches, and supporters can sometimes go overboard in their belief that their boy is a Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray or a Barry McGuigan, but when they cross through the ropes, it is a time to keep cool, calm and collected, you are on your own, supporters and coaches can advise you “hit him”, ‘crowd him, “ Keep moving” “keep jabbing” and when you have done your 3 rounds, and took your coaches and only your coaches advice, and visited your opponents corner at the end, all your hard work on the square canvas, is now taken out of your hands, or in this case your fists, and it is down to 5 men situated all around the side of the ring, to decide your fate, and when you walk along with your opponent, and the referee to the centre of what was a few minutes ago, your battle field, you know that your success has already been decided and you await it with anticipation, with the knowledge  that you did your best, and you need them to just acknowledge it.

It’s now a waiting game for the boxers, coaches, supporters, the noise that echoed all night through the venue suddenly became silent, both camps believing that the fight was so close, that possible a split decision either way would be the difference. The nerves were jangling, heads were swimming, the hearts pumping, adrenaline building, who would it be, Quinn, South Armagh or McGinty, Derry, that would get that extra point and bring home the Sayers Cup

The votes were counted, the referee standing between the two boxers, Ferghus Quinn to his left, Brett McGinty to his right, the decision on how close the fight was settled, a comprehensive 4-1 victory in every sense of the word, and when the winning boxer was named and the referee lofted the right hand of Fearghus Quinn, the boy in Red from South Armagh,  raised his left fist in triumph, it was the signal for all South Armagh to go into rapture, the wee man was bringing the Sayers Cup back home, no mistake this time, and no one was better equipped to do so. 

It was a magnificent night for Camlough ABC coaches Martin McCusker, Marty Holland, Tony Loughran, and Belleek GAC, parents Laurence and Roseleen and the Quinn family, but most importantly, it belonged to Camlough ABC, it was a night that they saw everything come right for their boy. All the hard work that the coaches and Fergie put in came to fruition on this historic night in the Ulster Hall.

Saturday 19th January 2019, Fearghus Quinn [Camlough ABC] Elite Ulster Boxing Middleweight champion, “Nice Ring About It”.

Congratulations Fergie, you have proved to be a champion before hand, now you have the credentials.