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Mindful Moe: The toy with a difference

By Diarmúid Pepper

Silverbridge mindfulness practitioner Julieanne Reel has created a toy with a difference just in time for Christmas. 

Julieanne has been working with children for the past 25 years and is the founder of ‘Mindful Kids Ireland’. She has brought all this experience to the fore with “Mindful Moe”. 

“I have just launched Mindful Moe,” Julieanne told The Examiner. “It is a toy, but much more than just that. It is a soft and cuddly pug that teaches mindfulness to children.”

When asked to describe mindfulness, Julieanne said that it is about “present moment awareness”. 

She explained: “I teach mindfulness to children and it is about being present in each moment. We are physically present, but often we are not mentally present. A lot of the time our mind is busy and clogged up, sometimes with past experiences, but mindfulness allows us to be in the present.”

Mindfulness has been growing in popularity and there is science to back up the movement, as Julianne explained:

Julieanne Reel displays her ‘Mindful Moe’ creation.

“Mindfulness is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and doctors sometimes prescribe it. I have worked with over 4,000 children and I have seen the benefits that it has had with the children I have been working with.”

Julieanne said that mindfulness was of the utmost importance in our increasingly busy lives.

“Mindfulness is so important, especially in this day and age where life is so fast paced and we all live in a digital world. 

“A lot of children are struggling and mindfulness can help increase focus and concentration. It also helps children remain calm and decreases stress and anxiety. The science is there that mindfulness works and my own research bears this out too.”

At the touch of one of the teddy’s paws, Mindful Moe guides children through different types of mindful meditations, as Julieanne demonstrated. 

“On one paw is the symbol of the sun; when this is pressed, the child is guided through a calming meditation. On the other paw is a moon symbol, which represents a sleep mediation. It can be used at night to help children drift off to sleep. There is also a heart symbol which represents a loving and kindness meditation.”

This last one is great significance for Julieanne. She said: “Children can have a hard time keeping up with their peers and can feel like they are not good enough. So it is important that they learn to love themselves, as well as others.”

Mindful Moe is available to purchase on and will be delivered to all in time for Christmas.