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Netflix Miami Showband Massacre documentary to reveal “seismic” new information

A Netflix series investigating some of music’s biggest unsolved mysteries is set to reveal “seismic” new information about the Miami Showband massacre. 

The groundbreaking investigative series, ReMastered, began streaming on Netflix last October.  The project from award-winning brothers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist uncovers the history behind some of the music industry’s most legendary events and figures.

The much-anticipated documentary, which was two years in the making by the Emmy-winning team behind the new series, will be available to 130 million Netflix subscribers around the world around St Patrick’s Day.

Survivor of the Miami Showband massacre, Stephen Travers, says he feels  “privileged” that the band’s tragic story is being told on Netflix and says it is an amazing opportunity to bring the story to the world “to ensure victims of that conflict, from all traditions, who have been so badly treated and used as pawns by those who have chosen to deny history, others who rewrite history and others who ignore history, are not forgotten.”

The band, who were one of Ireland’s most popular cabaret bands in the 60s and 70s, were travelling home to Dublin after a gig in Banbridge in July 1975 when a fake army patrol made up of UDR soldiers and UVF members stopped them at a bogus checkpoint just outside Newry.  The loyalist gang attempted to hide a bomb inside the bus while the band members were lined up along the roadside, however the device exploded prematurely, killing two of the would-be bombers.  

The other gunmen then opened fire on the group, killing lead singer Fran O’Toole, guitarist Tony Geraghty and trumpeter Brian McCoy and injuring two other band members, Des McAlea and Stephen Travers, who both survived the atrocity. The attack was carried out by members of the Glenanne Gang, which included members of the RUC, UDR and UVF. 

Two serving UDR soldiers and one former UDR soldier were given life sentences for the killings.They were later released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Since then, survivors and relatives of those killed have been tireless in their quest for justice and have taken legal action against the British Ministry of Defence and the PSNI, alleging collusion with the loyalist killers.

Their fight for justice will form a key part of the Netflix documentary, which will air on March 19th.

Speaking to the Irish Sun about his involvement with the upcoming documentary,  Stephen said he knew the directors had “come up with something seismic” from the moment he met them. According to Netflix,  the documentary “tracks Travers’ efforts and recent discoveries to tie the bombing and subsequent attacks to direct orders” given by people close to the British government.

Mr Travers was keen to stress that reconciliation is always his aim when retelling the terrible events of that night and explained that “any episode from the Troubles could be used as a stick to beat the other side.”

ReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre will air on Netflix on March 19th.