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Newry based charity awarded £50,000 by The People’s Project

By Diarmuid Pepper

A Newry based charity has received a huge boost for their “Hope Thru Soap” initiative, after they were awarded £50,000 by The Peoples’ Project.

Newry Helping The Homeless will use the money to fund a mobile shower unit, which will be an invaluable aid to the homeless people they serve all over Ireland. The mobile shower unit will give homeless people the ability to have a hot shower in a private space; a privilege that many of us take for granted. 

Newry Helping The Homeless have been diligently serving the homeless community for a number of years. As well as providing food and clothing, they also provide haircuts and medical check-ups with help from trained volunteers.

Tommy Jones, the charity’s chairman, spoke to UTV News about the big plans they have in store with the prize money. He told UTV: “We intend to build a state of the art mobile shower unit. There is a lot of work involved in the building of it. As a group, we always wanted a shower unit but it was just too expensive for us to gather the money for that, it would take years. This is just a dream come through for us, which will help so many people on the street.”

Tommy also thanked everyone for their support via the charity’s Facebook page. He said: “We would like to thank everyone who voted for our mobile shower project; not just here in Newry but across the world. This has been a dream early on from our inception, but due to the cost we thought that’s all it would be. But thanks to you all, it will now be a reality.

“By taking the time to vote for us we are now able to provide a nice hot shower, clean clothes and a haircut. Some of life’s little pleasures we take for granted. The only one of its kind on this island and it’s all down to YOU.”

You can find out more about Newry Helping The Homeless and their “Hope Thru Soap” initiative via their Facebook page: