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Newry man ‘will not be silenced’ by hate campaign

A Newry man who says he has been subjected to a protracted “hate campaign” says he will not be silenced from airing his political views or concern for his community.  John McCabe, who lives on Drumgullion Avenue in Newry, told The Examiner his home has come under attack and suffered extensive criminal damage over the last two months for reasons unknown to him.

According to the community activist, the latest incident occurred last Monday when two men with their faces hidden approached his home around 6.15am. The men banged loudly for several minutes before leaving. Mr McCabe claims that over the next two hours a barrage of eggs, stones, beer bottles and tumblers were launched at the rear of his home.

He says the incident followed a suspected arson attack on his back gate and wheelie bin carried out a few weeks earlier.

Mr McCabe continued “I’ve had my dogs indoors lately for fear of poisoning. The police advised me to do this when this whole series of attacks commenced.

“I had an attempted arson attack on my back gate and wheelie bin and there was also another arson attack on a bin which the culprits thought belonged to a friend of mine two weeks later.”

Of the latest attack last Monday, Mr McCabe said,

“My partner was terrified during this ordeal.  Every missile which came into my garden, I immediately covered with black bags so police could examine them.

“I’m very confident that after forensics look into the evidence that  prosecutions should follow.”

John is adamant that “whatever the motivation for the attacks upon me and my home, I will not be silenced for my political views or concern for my community and  I will continue to face down these bullies and their anti-social criminal activities.”

Police in Newry are appealing for information following the incident last Monday morning, and have asked anyone who witnessed this incident or has information to contact them in Newry on 101, quoting ref: 238 200715.

A police spokesperson said that house to house enquiries have been conducted with regards to the arson incident and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police in Newry on 101, quoting ref: 1369 190615.