Newspaper for Crossmaglen, South Armagh, Newry and Down.

North’s lowest income ranking in Crossmaglen, government figures reveal

A new government report has revealed that Crossmaglen has the lowest income ranking of the whole of Northern Ireland.

The Multiple Deprivation Measures report, published on Thursday, found that residents of the border town are worse off financially than those living anywhere else across the north.

The report ranked all 462 electoral wards in terms of seven distinctive types of deprivation including income, employment, living environment and crime. Each ward helps make up the 80 district electoral areas for the 11 councils across Northern Ireland.

Its findings are based on information from multiple government departments and agencies as well as from the census and from other official statistics and used 38 separate indicators, such as incidents of violent crime, burglary and anti-social behaviour disorders.

The north Belfast Water Works area was found to be the most deprived area in Northern Ireland while the Hillfoot ward in east Belfast is the least deprived.