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Outrage as 1,000 tyres dumped on country roads

Those behind the illegal dumping of almost 1,000 waste tyres across three locations in south Armagh at the weekend need to be apprehended and “face the full rigours of the law”, Slieve Gullion area Councillor Terry Hearty has said.

The incidents occurred overnight on Friday night/Saturday morning last and in one case the tyres were discarded in such a thoughtless manner that they completely blocked the road.

Voicing his anger, Councillor Hearty said: “I am totally and utterly disgusted at these acts of environmental crime.  We have had over 1,000 tyres dumped at the entrance of the Lawns on Liscalgot Road.  The entrance is used regularly by walkers, it’s a scenic place and a tourist attraction.  This [Saturday] morning the entrance is totally blocked.

 “On Cregganbane Road we had 200 tyres dumped in a farmer’s entrance which blocked the farmer from feeding his livestock.  Further up the Cregganbane Road was up on 300 tyres dumped out and completely blocking the road.”

Mr Hearty says those behind the practice care nothing about the local community or the environment.

“Those involved in this criminal activity have absolutely no respect for our community or for our environment.   There is so much being done in the area to promote tourism and then despicable acts like this does so much harm.”

Appealing for help in identifying the culprits, he added: “I am asking anyone that has cameras outside their house to see if they can get any sighting of the vehicle involved in this dumping.  We believe it to be a small Isuzu tipper lorry with a white cab and a blue body. There are also sightings of a Transit van being involved.  We need the help of the public to put an end to this.”

Tyres were dumped at the entrance to a field, preventing the farmer from accessing his livestock.

The councillor also revealed that in a separate incident of fly-tipping, a “lorry load of mattresses” was found dumped just off the Concession Road, near Crossmaglen on Thursday, completely blocking the Casacam Road, while a large quantity of tyres were dumped on the Drumbee Road the previous Saturday.

Calling for the implementation of legislation that will trace the ownership of tyres and place the onus of responsible disposal on garages, he said, “It’s difficult to understand why there is no traceability where these tyres are coming from.  They all have serial numbers and were sold to some garage.  These garages charge between £3 and £4 to dispose of these tyres properly for recycling and we believe that they are paying 50p per tyre to a number of young people in the area to dump these out.

“I don’t know if the people involved realise the harm they are doing to our area but the people that’s getting these young fellas to dump them out certainly know what they are doing and they are not dumping on their doorstep.”

Urging people to work together to apprehend those involved, he added: “I share the anger and frustration of all about these acts of environmental vandalism and again I am asking the community to check all CCTV they have at their house, or  anyone that came on a lorry or a van on any of our by-roads, to get numbers and details. Working together we can put an end to this.”

Councillor Terry Hearty at the spot where tyres were illegally dumped, completely blocking the road.