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“Over zealous parking enforcement” a detriment to Newry business, SF claims

Concerns voiced by business owners and shoppers in Newry in relation to what has been described as the “over zealous and inflexible” enforcement of parking regulations in the city, have been raised by Sinn Fein politicians Mickey Brady MP and Conor Murphy MLA when they met with senior officials in Department for Infrastructure headquarters in Belfast last week.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Murphy stated, “Myself and Mickey Brady made it clear that while we agree that parking regulations and enforcement are necessary to assist traffic flow in a busy shopping centre like Newry, this needs to be done on a sensible basis which does not deter people from coming to the city.

“We cited numerous examples of where residents, visitors and people servicing businesses have raised genuine complaints around the approach of Traffic Attendants and have asked that more flexibility and common sense be applied. 

“Business organisations are concerned that this issue has the potential to drive business away from Newry,” he warned.

Mr Murphy revealed DfI officials offered assurance that “they will look at the Newry experience and see how improvements can be made”.  

“They have also undertaken to make more information publicly known in relation to parking regulations and how the apply across Newry, in particular in the private car parks which the Department have no responsibility for. 

“The officials also assured us that there a no targets set for Parking Enforcement Notices and no bonus for Traffic Attendants in relation to tickets issued’.

Sinn Fein’s Mickey Brady and Conor Murphy ahead of their recent meeting to discuss concerns over the enforcement of parking regulations in Newry with officials from Department for Infrastructure in Belfast.

“We agreed that abuse of Traffic Attendants is unacceptable and that we would monitor the parking issue in the time ahead,” he added.