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Praise for health care workers who battled stormy weather

The efforts of hundreds of health care workers who braved the recent poor weather conditions to care for many elderly, vulnerable and ill people at home and in hospitals, have been praised by SDLP Assembly Member Justin McNulty MLA.

“The public are deeply indebted to those who work in our health services, from the hospital consultants to the porters. However I have to single out a group of people who I have nothing but the highest admiration for and that is those who provide personal care in the community,” he said. 

Commenting on the effects of the weather, the MLA said it “stretched our public services to the limit, including the enormous efforts from our roads service personnel out gritting the network day and night. Whilst schools have shut for very genuine reasons, hospitals and those who provide care in the community had to continue working around the clock”.

“On behalf of the entire community I think it is only right we say thank you for your time, commitment, dedication and compassion to those in our community who rely on you everyday, hail, rain, snow or sunshine,” he added.