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PSNI approach to policing in south Armagh must change: Murphy

Following the controversial Christmas Day post, Sinn Féin Newry Armagh MLA, Conor Murphy, met with Chief Constable Simon  Byrne on Monday and called on him to review his approach to policing in south Armagh.

Mr Murphy says he urged the chief constable to “urgently change the PSNI approach to policing” in the area.

“The Christmas Day photo stunt in Crossmaglen made headlines, but is only symptomatic of a much wider problem with policing in the area.,” Mr Murphy said.

“Over 20 years after Patten and the Good Friday Agreement, the police approach to the community in south Armagh has barely changed.  In the wake of yet another paramilitary murder in East Antrim, it is completely unacceptable that south Armagh is described as ‘unique’. 

Conor Murphy MLA and Gerry Kelly, Sinn Féin Policing Board member, pictured after meeting with the PSNI Chief Constable Simon Byrne on Monday.

“The leadership in the PSNI still seem to be in a mindset of imposing policing on the local community, as opposed to policing with the community.  Simon Byrne is a new Chief Constable and he has an opportunity to set a new standard to give the local community policing they need and deserve,” he added.