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Pupils prepare to be put through their paces by ‘The Body Coach’

 By Diarmúid Pepper

 Fitness sensation Joe Wicks will be brining his famous fitness regime to Cloughoge Primary School this Friday.

 The school said they are “super-excited and can’t contain ourselves” about “The Body Coach” Joe Wicks bringing his HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) tour to Cloughoge.

 School secretary Elaine Craven said: “It’s going to be brilliant. Joe will be with us from 8.30 to 9.00am. He is bringing his own TV and media crew, so it will be great for the children.”

 Cloughoge Primary School places an emphasis on health and wellbeing, which Joe Wicks’ visit will reinforce.

 Elaine told The Examiner: “The school heavily promotes health and fitness. We do the daily mile, where every class goes out and does a mile every day around the yard. And we have coaches in playing games, we did ‘walk to school week’ recently, so there is a lot of focus on health.

 “And obviously we have fresh fruit available in school, which is funded by the school, and we encourage children to drink either water or milk. There are no fizzy drinks, as we are very much promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

 Primary 4 teacher Mrs Nicole McGivern sent away an application on behalf of Cloughoge Primary School, one of 4,000 schools to do so.

 She said: “This was a Facebook competition we entered. Last Tuesday when they came back to school, we opened up the email and we were contacted by his social media manager. There were 4,000 applications and our school was successful.”

 Mrs McGivern echoed Elaine’s sentiments about the health and fitness ethos of the school, saying: “We are a very active school, we do our daily mile, and we are in training for a cross-country.”

 The school’s pupils are already fully aware of who Joe Wicks is, given that some pupils have already completed some of his workouts. 

 Mrs McGivern said: “Last year the Primary 5 children did the Joe Wicks Schools Fitness Week Challenge live on YouTube. I mentioned that on the successful application.”

 The staff and pupils are readying themselves for what is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Mrs McGivern said: “When he comes in on the day he is going to do a meet-and-greet with the children and the children are going to sit and chat with him.

 “He wants to know how they feel about putting his Schools Fitness Week into their academic term. I have done it with my own class here in Primary 4 and we put it up on the projector. The kids can actually manage his workouts, as he is very, very good with kids.” 

 Joe Wicks has a staggering 2.6 million followers on instagram, and Elaine Craven said that pupils and staff (especially the female staff!) are relishing the chance to put their fitness to the test alongside the Body Coach when he takes his special class in the school at 8.30am this Friday 31st May.