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Road Safety Demonstration Bound for Forkhill

Forkhill Safety Group has joined with Fire and Rescue Service stationed in Crossmaglen, to bring the Road Safety Demonstration to Forkhill village.

A live Traffic scene will be re-enacted with real people particpating as the injured party. The road safety demonstration will involve the NIF&RS providing a visible way of reinforcing the importance of keeping within speed limits and when driving why it is important to keep your attention on the road.

Chairperson of Forkhill Safety Group said: “We invited the NIF&RS to bring this mock road traffic collision to look at the possible consequences involved in a real life situation.

The event is aimed at road users of all ages but the car-cutting exercise is designed to teach young drivers the importance of taking care on our roads.”

The aim of this event is to raise awareness among our young drivers of the dangers and consequences of their actions behind the wheel.

The event is open to everyone and all are welcome.

It will take place on Saturday 14th March at 12:00pm in the grounds of the Forkhill GAA Club.

Whilst this is a serious message, the Forkhill Community Safety Group feel this is an important opportunity to bring the community together to become more aware of these important issues.