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Sinn Fein frustration at Roads Service ‘neglect’

Sinn Fein MLAs have expressed frustration following a recent meeting with senior officials from the Department of Infrastructure (DfI) Roads Service regarding the condition of roads across the south Armagh area.

Megan Fearon described the meeting, which was held in her Crossmaglen office, as “long and hard-hitting” with “a frank exchange of views” and voiced frustration at the officials’ responses to issues raised.

With party colleagues Conor Murphy MLA and Councillor Terry Hearty also in attendance, Ms Fearon said afterwards: “Whilst we brought specific issues to the fore which require immediate action, our meeting with the Roads Service focused on key areas such as budget allocations and making sure south Armagh is getting its fair share.

“We listed a large number of roads that require work including the main B30 road to Newry.  We were given some assurances that potholes would be fixed and some sections of roads will be resurfaced, however the answers we received left a lot to be desired.”

Acknowledging the effect of the recent poor weather conditions on the deterioration of roads, Ms Fearon says they “have been neglected for years”.

“We understand the pressures that Roads Service like many other agencies are facing.  We are disappointed, to say the least, with the approach Roads Service has taken to south Armagh.  We will be closely monitoring the spend in our area and I will seek a meeting with the Department of Infrastructure to pursue this.  It’s not good enough and local people deserve better,” she added.