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St Joseph’s High School, Crossmaglen launches new school App

St. Joseph’s High School Crosmaglen has just launched a new mobile App to communicate with its pupils, staff, parents and past pupils.  The school has already been using  the App to send out push notifications, which are short messages (similar to texts) that are sent directly to all parents/guardians. 

Moreover, in order to enrich their eco credentials and allow the school to eventually become paper free, St Joseph’s will be publishing school-home correspondence via the App.

At the launch of the App, Mr.  Jones said: “The reasons for the new mobile app are simple. We are a large school community with many events happening daily and we need to get information circulated both quickly and efficiently. We appreciate that our families have a lot of different commitments and accept that a letter sent from the school prior to an important event may end up being lost, misplaced or whatever. This app will provide immediate information to our parents on significant school events and, hopefully, enable parents to check the app for information and updates in a really convenient way. Our push notifications will allow for real-time delivery of messages to individuals and groups which will improve relevant communication with our parents and pupils.

The alert on the notification means parents can immediately check out the message. The school believes the app will help it both financially and environmentally. Schools, like most other public sector organisations, are facing financial cutbacks. We spend significant amounts of money on postage and printing.  We know that our app will definitely help us promote our eco credentials. The school hopes the app will provide parents with a real insight into the life of their child’s daily routine at school. As a school we look forward to improved communication procedures, better informed parents and cheaper postage and printing bills!”

He concluded by stating: “As this is a new method of communication, which we are very keen to develop, we would encourage all our parents and past pupils to download the App and we welcome any suggestions as to how it could be improved.