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Syringes found close to kids’ play park

The discovery of syringes close to a children’s playpark in Derrybeg is a matter of “grave concern”, Saoradh An Iúir activist Stephen Murney has said.

The items were found on Tuesday “lying in a residential street, and in close proximity to a playpark”, he said and revealed that local residents had alerted the group.

“Several residents have contacted our activists regarding this disturbing development,” Mr Murney said.  “The fact that these syringes were found lying in a residential street, and in close proximity to a play park, is alarming to say the least. If a child had have come across any of these items, the outcome could be very serious.”

Thanking residents for bringing the issue to the attention of Saoradh members, he added: “The scourge of drugs can destroy and ravage entire communities.  It is an evil epidemic and one that needs to be challenged and addressed.  In particular we would urge young people who may come across such items not to touch them, but to contact a responsible adult to ensure that they are disposed of in a safe manner.”